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- Schedule -

The Monastery of Saint Paul the Apostle offers a daily cycle of services in our chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra. Pilgrims are welcome. If you wish to stay overnight or are looking for the most up-to-date service times, please contact us.




Monday through Friday

+ 6:00 am Orthros

+ 5:00 pm Vespers



+ 6:00 am Orthros

+ 5:00 pm Great and Holy Vespers

* confessions available 



+ 7:30 am Orthros

* confessions available 

+ 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 

+ 12:00pm Agape meal following

* please bring a dish to pass!

Service and schedule times are subject to change on special occasions (major feast days, travel, etc.)


My hope is the Father;

my refuge, the Son;

my protection, the Holy Spirit.

Holy Trinity, glory to You. 


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