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- Schedule -

The Monastery of Saint Paul the Apostle offers a daily cycle of services in our chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra. Pilgrims are welcome. If you wish to stay overnight or are looking for the most up-to-date service times, please contact us. The Monastery celebrates Church Feasts according to the Old Calendar. 




Monday through Friday

+ 6:00 am Orthros

+ 5:00 pm Vespers



+ 6:00 am Orthros

+ 5:00 pm Great and Holy Vespers



+ 7:30 am Orthros

+ 9:00 am Divine Liturgy 

+ 12:00 pm Agape meal following

* please bring a dish to pass!

Service times are subject to change on special occasions (major feast days, travel, etc.) It is recommended to contact the monastery to verify the current schedule. 


My hope is the Father;

my refuge, the Son;

my protection, the Holy Spirit.

Holy Trinity, glory to You. 


Holy Apostle Paul, pray to God for us!

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