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The Monastery of Saint Paul the Apostle was founded in November 2022 with the blessing of Archbishop Peter of Chicago. Our community is led by Father Menas, a longtime monk of 52 years, 26 of them at Saint Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery. His arrival in rural Wisconsin brings the rich tradition of Saint Joseph the Hesychast and the ever-memorable Elder Ephraim of Arizona to the heart of the American MidwestIn the spirit of Saint Paul the Apostle, who brought the Gospel to the nations, we are committed to further sharing Athonite monastic tradition with Christians using the English language. 

The primary work of the monks at Saint Paul's is prayer and repentance. We also serve the Christian community by offering high-quality mounted icons, including exclusive pieces not available anywhere else, from our extensive catalog. This collection will be enriched with the addition of new offerings and contemporary saints in the coming months. 

Each icon that we ship is crafted with love and obedience by monks and volunteers. Work in the monastery is a type of active prayer, as it is done for the sustenance of our community and for the glory of God.


On behalf of the brotherhood, we invite you to visit the monastery and pray that you will find a place of joy and repentance. Thank you for your interest in America's newest Orthodox monastery.


To visit, please call in advance, if possible.

Father Menas: 608 642-1654 


Saint Paul the Apostle Orthodox Monastery

25266 Pilgrims Way 

Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805


+ Saint Joseph the Hesychast (seated) 1897-1959

+ Elder Ephraim of Arizona (center left) 1929-2019

Father Menas (center), our superior at Saint Paul's 


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