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We Truly Value and Need Your Financial Help: Laying Foundations

We are beginning a vital project to construct a multi-functional 4,000-square-foot steel structure. This straightforward yet essential building will offer lodging to our visiting pilgrims and house key equipment for our icon production. This new building will serve multiple functions until we can build a proper guest house and trapeza.

Existing building to be replaced

About This New Building

  • Include modest quarters for a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking prayer and reflection.

  • Create a dedicated space for our icon production, which provides quality Orthodox iconography for churches and homes throughout America.

  • Enable us to eliminate at least 3-4 moldy, unsightly mobile homes that waste an unconscionable amount of propane every winter.

  • Be the first step towards expanded facilities for the continued growth of our monastic community.

Style of new building

Thank you for your kindness and for being a part of this holy work: building a flourishing English language monastery in the lineage of Elder Ephraim of Arizona and Saint Joseph the Hesychast.

Father Menas, our monastery's superior, at an early building project at St. Anthony's in Arizona.


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