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Combined Guest House and Trapeza Construction 

This year, with an aspiration to further enhance our monastery grounds for the spiritual needs of our pilgrims, we outlined a construction initiative. Our goal is to introduce a combined guest house and trapeza, designed to be both a space for restful retreat and nourishment, and a gate house/reception center to ensure a warm welcome for everyone visiting.


Even though our project is currently in its early stages, our guiding ethos stems from a profound dedication to foster an environment of peace and prayer. As we progress, we will add additional updates to this page. We would be most grateful for your support.

If you prefer to donate via a check, please be sure to note in the memo field that you wish to designate your donation for the construction project and then mail it to the following address:

Saint Paul's Monastery
25266 Pilgrims Way
Boscobel, WI 53805

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